The desire of everybody is to live the good life but as it is stands right now not everyone is living that good life, so what could be the reason? And also being rich affords one the opportunity to cater for his immediate needs and that of others in his environment. A.H Maslow, an American psychologist in 1954 arranges human needs in hierarchial form comprising of five levels in ascending order.
1. Physiological needs: The needs that he identified here are food, water, air, and rest and so on as the most basic level in the hierarchy.
2. Safety needs: Which is the second level, it can also be referred to as security needs. There are some security measures adult take such as job security (tenureship), investment (savings and various levels of insurance),while the physical security consist of stability, protection from work hazards, freedom from fear, law and order, quest for justice among others. Going by these two theories of Maslow, we’ll all agree that there is this innate desire in man cleaves for riches.
Judging by the years that I have lived on the earth and seeing how people around me including myself work hard to be rich, then I still wonder why some people are not rich. If we must holistically look at this subject, can we say that some people are destined to be rich while some are not? Can we hinged it on their level of education, or could it be that they didn’t have the right network around them? We can keep going on with the questions without arriving on a conclusion.
Going by the research on the human brain, it was believed that the parietal lobe is responsible for intelligence, reasoning, telling left from right, sensation, reading and even language. While the frontal lobe is responsible for intelligence, movement, reasoning, behavior, memory and personality. So, going by this feature, then we all have the capability to be rich, no matter your status or environmental conditions.
I would want to cite my father as a case study, why he’s not rich since he does possess the parental and frontal lobe. He has been a practicing chef for the past 20 years and has worked in some hotels as a cook and as a chef. He has also manage the staff canteen of some reputable companies like Tractor and Equipment, now known as Manatrac, Nigeria, Nigerite, Tower and Aluminium, John Holt, Nigeria Security Printing and Minting all here in Lagos Nigeria. I know you will be surprise to hear that someone who has managed the staff canteen of this great companies isn’t rich? This is a fact that he is poor, though he is a good chef and has even trained someone that has worked in a five star hotel in Lagos state.
I know you still cannot believe this and I have been spending so much thought to unfold the mystery behind this. Some of the pitfall that is noticed about him was that he never had a plan of transiting into having his own restaurant or hotel though he has a registered company. He never gave priority to education. By education, I don’t mean the four wall of the school but one gaining the necessary knowledge that is needed to advance to the next level. And this we can do with the help of technology. He never took the advantage of technology to enhance the growth that is needed in his business. It is a fact right now that most businesses are going digital and for that reason food can also sell online too. Why couldn’t I help him that will be your next thought of line? I was so consign about that but we couldn’t do that together because he was so used to the way he has been doing business.
I could also state that he was not ready to take a risk. The risk of taking a risk is the risk of overcoming a risk that is what I have been living with.
I also came to a conclusion that he never had a vision for his business because if he did, he would the opportunity of becoming a consultant, a trainer, and even a hotel administrator.
Going by the various trends in technology, he was not ready for a change in his business. His thought pattern, believe system never portray someone that is willing to build his own business at all cost. And he’s always picking at things that are not of importance to his career.
Food business is a big business allover the world because no matter how the economy is people will always eat and patronize good food. Though he is in his sixties I belie he can re-write his story if only he can put more trust in himself and do what is required to be a successful chef. If Colonel Sanders could discover Tasty Fried Chicken at the age of sixty five after retiring from from the US army to build a world class brand. Everyone can build this fete if only we all can change our reasoning, intelligence, personality and behavior towards ourselves and even the environment.
If your dad is not rich too, then you should start investigating, and then see how you can apply his mistakes or success into your own career.
So if you desire to be rich, then you must change the image that you have built about your future. You are the architect of your life, so design what you and your environment will be proud to associate with tomorrow.